When You Have a Toothache in Lewisburg


Many things—an injury, gum disease, even a popcorn kernel can cause a toothache! But sometimes a toothache can mean there’s a more serious problem that needs attention. It’s important to make an appointment at the Lewisburg dental practice of Dr. Winans as soon as possible.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy involves treating the pulp and root canals of the tooth when an infection sets in, damaging the nerve tissue inside them.

How does Dr. Winans perform root canal therapy?

We first treat the infection, if necessary, and clean out the root canals by removing the diseased tissue and thoroughly removing bacteria, debris, or anything else that could cause infection.

Once the root canals are free of infection, we fill them with a sealant to replace the tissue and keep bacteria from causing problems in the future. In most cases after root canal treatment, the tooth will be fragile and need a porcelain crown to reinforce it.

A root canal is a dental treatment, just like any other, and most of the stories about them are just “tall tales.” Our technology and pain management therapies have made root canal procedures efficient, and most people feel no pain at all!

Root canal treatment is just one of the many dental services we offer. Call our Lewisburg dental office at 877-377-1952 if you’re experiencing tooth discomfort, sensitivity to hot and cold, or soreness. We want to help you if you have tooth pain of any kind, and to keep your teeth and gums healthy!