Don’t believe me? Wait until you meet my team. These wonderful, talented, and well-educated women absolutely know how to put patients at ease… and have some fun while they are at it. And, I might add, they are all really enjoyable, so even if you are stressed, our corny style will put you at ease.

But I digress. Besides my team, the real stars here are the modern comforts and conveniences. We are easy to find, just one block off of Market Street, down from the Lewisburg Hotel and across from Cole’s Hardware. And, there’s a parking lot in the back! (Hey, we can have a picnic there during the summer!) We also have super convenient hours, and I insist on personalized care – even though I really don’t have to. That kind of stuff comes naturally to my team. I am a lucky guy.

To learn more about my ridiculously great team and tour our stupendously beautiful office, browse on. Oh, and I guess you might want to know something about me too: I wrote a little bio for you.