Dental ImplantsMissing teeth can take the joy out of life and drag your confidence through the mud. That’s why I am so excited about dental implants. Implants do more than just replace your teeth – they replace your tooth’s root too. And that means more of the stability, strength, and functionality that nature thought you should have in the first place.

In fact, because this tooth replacement is implanted into the jaw, it keeps your bone stimulated and healthy – and that keeps you feeling better and looking younger longer. Sound good? I thought so.

Place & Restore Implants

Because I know you want all your work completed in one comfortable dental office, I have been trained to both place the implant and restore your tooth or teeth with porcelain implant crowns or implant-retained dentures.

And if you need a tooth removed because of damage or infection (it happens), talk to me about immediate implant placement or a bone graft to stop the loss of healthy jaw bone. I mean really – losing bone? Nobody wants that.

Implant Retained Dentures

Dental implants aren’t just for replacing individual teeth – they can hold partials and even full dentures – and that is really good news. Implant-retained dentures are a major improvement in the way you experience dentures. First, they are attached to the implant instead of sitting on your gums. That means no more gooey dental adhesive, no more slipping dentures, and much, much more confidence. These dentures also leave the roof of your mouth free so you can taste and experience food more naturally. And last, but certainly not least, implant retained dentures help you look and feel younger. Just ask my patients… well, actually, don’t. Most of them don’t admit that what they are smiling with are implant dentures. I’ll bet you will never be able to tell, either.

Bone Grafting

While my team and I will do all we can to help you keep your teeth for your lifetime, there are circumstances (such as tooth damage, decay, or infection) that make it necessary to extract a tooth.

But did you realize that when a tooth is pulled, you lose more than the tooth itself?

You lose bone mass in the jaw from the extraction site. In fact, the bone continually deteriorates over time.

The continual bone loss:

  • Weakens your jaw, making it more susceptible to fracture
  • Impacts the surrounding teeth
  • Makes it difficult – even impossible – to have a dental implant placed to replace the missing tooth

That’s why it is important to have a bone grafted at the same time that I extract your tooth. My bone grafting process restores bone and keeps it in its original state. Now that’s more like it.


It makes me sad every time I have to remove a tooth, but sometimes it is totally necessary. In fact, sometimes it is the only thing that will put an end to the overwhelming pain a decayed or compromised tooth can bring on. And I don’t care how big or tough you are, you are going to want me to remove it. I promise it will feel better — and even more importantly — I promise that you won’t lose bone. Every time I extract a tooth, I place bone grafting material in the extraction site. This natural material begins to grow immediately for bone regeneration. Sound complicated? Just call me. I can walk you through the process best in person.