When you feel good, you look better… and when you look great, you feel great too. I know. I’m a guy and I still understand that if I don’t feel my best, everything can just sort of go to pieces. It’s one of the reasons I offer services that can make you feel absolutely, totally, 100% confident. And not just for a day or two – for months. I love it.

Botox & Juvederm

Life is stressful. I understand. I heard from so many of my patients that they wanted something to take the look of stress off their faces. Something non-invasive. I mean, really, I understand. How can you truly feel like showing off your gorgeous new smile when stress is adding all those lines to your face?

So, I got the training and started using a little Botox here, a little Juvederm there, and, I realized, I am actually one of the best people you could ever choose to administer your therapeutic injections. After all, I completely understand the face and it’s underlying structures. The results were really subtle but made a remarkable difference. Plus, my patients were overjoyed.

And to make things even more appealing, my office is comfortable, private, and discreet – why should anyone know you weren’t just here for a cleaning?  We have a separate room for all of these treatments that is secluded from the rest of the practice.  What’s better than that?

I love that Botox treatments can help end your both your TMJ disorder-related headaches, and your stress-induced wrinkles. If that doesn’t quite do the job, try the Juvederm injectable gel. It can quickly ease away the deep lines that form around your mouth and nose.




“Is it really possible to look 8 years younger after a trip to the dentist?”

I have heard people say, ”I’m looking older and I want to do something about it.” We had many, many patients asking us about other things they could do to look more youthful.  Actually, it was my own wife (Shhh, please don’t tell her I let you know this…), Mistie, and Laura who encouraged me to enroll in Botox and Juvaderm courses. I am sooo glad I went in with an open mind. This is not about the stupid, Hollywood, frozen-face, overdone look.  That’s awful and not attractive at all.  I can not have our patients look like that! My process is about the entire face, with a careful analysis of creases and lines, wrinkles and folds.  My goal for those that we treat is to have a softened and natural, smoother-skinned look that just looks great.  Ok, yes, I admit, I had it done just so that I could experience what our patients would. Within two weeks, I had three people guess my age as upper 30’s!!  Not too shabby for this, uhm, 50+ year old! It is safe, effective and, I must admit, I am very good at administering the material comfortably. Besides, you should check out our very private, discreet room in which we get these amazing results.