Whole body health starts with your smile. Just think about it. Your mouth isn’t hanging in space by itself. It is attached to your jaw. Which is attached to your neck. Which is attached to your shoulders. Which are attached to… well, you get the point. Thinking that your oral health isn’t going to affect the rest of you is kind of a joke!

Let me just cut to the chase: If you want to be healthy in general, you have to have a healthy mouth, and prevention is the best medicine. My team and I do all we can to prevent and stop oral health problems while they are still very small and easily addressed.

I provide complete, comprehensive care for almost any dental procedure you’ll ever need. Our dental services include:

If time has taken its toll on your smile and you need more than cleanings or minor fillings, my Lewisburg dental team can help with that too. We can restore your smile, bring back function and balance, and take years off your appearance. Who knew dentistry could do all of that?

Want to learn more about how your mouth can keep you healthy?

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“My front tooth had experienced trauma at an early age and the cosmetic work previously done was not spectacular. Years later I was chatting with Laura, a trusted friend, who ironically doubles as Dr. Winans’ dental hygienist. She urged me to his office. I called that same day… Gentle is not a word I would normally use to describe a visit to the dentist, but Dr. Winans’ office is the exception! Laughing has always been one of my favorite things to do, but when you are constantly aware of a flaw in your smile, you tend to hold back and try to hide it. Dr. Winans gave me my confident smile back and, to me, being able to laugh and smile without hesitation is priceless. I wish I had found this office years ago. If I were to give someone advice, I would say call today to get your laugh back!”