While I do have most of my hair, some people have been known to question what’s under it. I guess since I did graduate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, there must be something up there. I actually got good grades… and I married a talented and beautiful go-getter – my wife Xaña – so I might have a decent personality too (not to mention my incredible good luck).

When I decided to open my practice here in Central PA, I did it with one clear goal in mind — to provide my friends and neighbors with advanced dentistry in a comfortable, relaxed environment. I honestly wanted to be the best. Not bragging; I just never want to compromise on the care I give my patients.

I understand why some people call me a dentistry geek. I love my dental technology. They are my grown-up version of toys. Plus, I’m clearly a continuing education junkie. I take many many hours of Continuing Education annually and love learning.  Imagine me sitting in a class for 7 hours! Yikes! I have also had the distinct pleasure of lecturing and teaching other doctors all over the US and Canada.  Now imagine listening to me talk for 7 hours!!!

I’ve taken advanced coursework in a wide range of dental services, including:

  • Advanced Functional Restorative Dentistry
  • Advanced Functional Aesthetics
  • Advanced Adhesive Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Advanced Occlusal and Restorative Principles
  • Comprehensive Aesthetic Reconstruction
  • Coronoplasty and Case Finishing
  • Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

I’m also a total geek about my wife and kids, Jimmy Buffett — 32 concerts and counting — coaching boy’s soccer, and Ironman Triathlons. (Don’t tell anyone, but I have completed six of them so far and, as you can tell, I’m not all that young). I love music and sports and would love to talk with you about either! I love brewing my own beer and trying out new recipes. I also have three wonderful dogs — Aero, Barley, and Bella. They all looooove to go to the dog park with me and take me on long walks.

Ultimately though, I think the one thing you need to know about me is that I care — I care about your teeth, your health, your smile. I care about YOU and I only want to do the right dentistry for you. That’s how I feel good about what I do and who I do it with.

Oh, wait, did I mention soccer? Soccer, soccer, soccer… we rock… I donate time as an assistant coach for the Lewisburg High School Boys Soccer team. In case you had not heard, we finished a perfect 25-0 run and won the PIAA Class AA State Championship in 2015! Not to mention our award from the National Guard as the 7th ranked team in the country!!! So, can I just say: soccer, soccer, soccer. I’ll talk your ear off…