A Simple Smile Can Make a Big Impact

smilingSmiling is such a simple act. So simple that even babies do it while they’re still in the womb. Although effortless, smiling is actually a pretty powerful action. At my Lewisburg dental office, we know that the easy act of smiling can actually make quite an impact on your health and the health of others.

How Smiling Boosts Your Health

There’s a whole science behind what smiling does to our confidence, our happiness, and our overall well-being. When you smile, your body naturally produces antibodies and boosts white blood cells. These two things in combination with each other are key to a healthy immune system. Smiling also affects our brains, causing it to pump out more endorphins to make us feel happy, and serotonin to relax us.

How Smiling Helps Others

A smile is contagious. Numerous studies have shown that when humans see another person smiling, we experience a natural, subconscious reaction to smile back. So when we smile, those around us smile too and, as a result, reap all the health benefits of feeling happier and more relaxed.

Smiling is also universal — it knows no boundaries and there are no cultural or language barriers. It means the same thing in every country. It’s one thing we can use to help everyone around us, no matter where we’re from, what language we speak, or what background we’re from. That’s some pretty powerful stuff.

Don’t Like the Way Your Smile Looks?

If you’re one of those people who smiles with their lips tightly shut, or shies away from the camera altogether because you’re unhappy with your smile, cosmetic dentistry from your Lewisburg dentist can help. Cosmetic dentistry can:

  • Brighten discolored teeth through smile whitening
  • Fix chips or breaks with bonding
  • Enhance tooth shape or size with veneers
  • Keep your smile white with tooth-colored fillings instead of gray amalgam

Nobody should be afraid to smile. If you’re ready to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you get a smile you’re proud to show off, call my dental office in Lewisburg to schedule a consultation today.

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Top 3 Oral Health Facts for Men


At my dental office in Lewisburg, we usually recommend that our patients visit us at least two times a year for a dental checkup and cleaning. While most of our patients maintain these very important appointments, there’s a country-wide trend where men don’t see their dentist regularly and only go when there’s a problem.

Why Are Regular Appointments Important?

What these men may not know is that preventive dental care can actually keep those bigger problems away. Checkups and cleanings are used to catch any potential issues before they become larger and require more in depth treatment. But by skipping regular visits to their Lewisburg dentist, men are at increased risk for some serious and dangerous oral health problems.

  • Higher Rate of Gum Disease. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), 34% of men ages 30-54 have gum disease compared to 23% of women in the same age range. Gum disease is actually more than just an oral health concern. If left untreated, it may lead to other whole-body problems like heart disease, certain types of cancer, and respiratory disease.
  • Greater Need for Advanced Dental Care. When the mouth is neglected and problems are left to fester over time, the likelihood for advanced treatment increases. High levels of decay could warrant a root canal and dental crown, or if really advanced, loss of teeth. When teeth are lost or extracted, they need to be replaced with either a dental bridge, dentures, or dental implants.
  • Double the Risk for Oral Cancer. Men are at twice the risk of developing oral cancer than women. This may be in part because men use tobacco more than women. When caught early, oral cancer can usually be treated successfully. However, if regular dental appointments aren’t kept, there’s a good chance the cancer won’t be caught in the early stages. When left untreated, oral cancer can spread and cause pain, the need for surgery, and even death.

Whatever the reason may be that men aren’t going to the dentist, the fact remains that regular dental care is important for everyone, including men. Not only does prevention help keep smiles healthy, they can help keep the whole body healthy too.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a dentist, give my Lewisburg dental office a call to schedule an appointment.

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