5 Surprising Things That Ruin Teeth

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When we talk about things that cause tooth damage, one of the first things that come to patients’ minds is sugar. And they’re right. But everyone at my Lewisburg dental office wants to shed some light on some lesser known tooth-damaging things that may come as a surprise.  

  • Ice. Ice is made of water. Water is good for teeth. So what makes ice the top thing on our list? The texture and the fact that many people chew or crunch ice cubes. This can lead to cracks, chips, or broken teeth.
  • Sports Drinks. While refreshing and the drink of choice for many, most are loaded with sugar. And as we all know, sugar leads to cavities. How? Bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar and produce acid in the process. Acid weakens enamel and makes it super easy for bacteria to nestle into teeth, creating a cavity.
  • Cough Drops. We don’t expect you to never use a cough drop ever again. They’re necessary to relieve the annoying, consistent coughs that often come with colds or allergies. But we do encourage you to use them sporadically. Sugar is used to make them taste better, and we all know what sugar does to teeth.
  • Pencils. Or pens. Or fingernails. Or basically anything that’s not meant for the mouth. Objects like pens and pencils are hard and can cause similar damage as ice. If you must chew on something, choose a gum with Xylitol instead.
  • Snacking. Or more specifically, constant snacking. That handful of almonds you eat between lunch and dinner is just fine, it’s when you snack throughout the day when we become concerned. More snacking means more food particles, and more food particles means more bacteria and a greater chance for cavities.

By trying to follow the guidelines above, you’re helping keep your smile healthy. But there’s even more we encourage you to do (we know, we’re asking a lot). Make sure you brush and floss everyday to keep your teeth clean in between visits to your dentist in Lewisburg. And speaking of visits, maintaining regular check ups at least every six months helps really clean your teeth and gums, and allows early diagnosis of any concerns.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a dental checkup, give my Lewisburg dental office a call. We’re always welcoming new smiles and would love the opportunity to see yours. Schedule your appointment today!

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March 20th is World Oral Health Day!

world oral health day

Over 90% of the world’s population will suffer from some sort of oral health disease at some point in their lives. Many of which could have been avoided through proper education or supporting programs for prevention and detection. At my Lewisburg dental office, we believe education is the first step in fixing this epidemic. Which is why this World Oral Health Day, we’re talking about why dental care is so important, not just for your smile, but for your entire wellbeing.

What is World Oral Health Day?

World Oral Health Day takes place every year and is sponsored by the World Dental Federation. Its goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of a healthy mouth, and to educate everyone on the effects of an unhealthy one. While its name suggests promoting the importance of getting a healthy smile, if we dig deeper we can see it’s about more than a healthy mouth.

It’s About Whole Health, Too

Many whole-body diseases first show signs in the mouth, and oral health can have a direct affect on the health of the rest of the body. One of the most concerning links between oral health and overall health has a lot to do with gum disease. Gum disease may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, respiratory concerns, and even some cancers. Nearly half of the population has some level of periodontal disease. And that’s just America. So while it’s important to care for your mouth for your smile’s sake, it’s pretty important for your wellbeing too.

What to Look For

If you notice any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to see your dentist as soon as possible.

  • Bleeding gums
  • Puffy, red, swollen gums
  • Bad breath that doesn’t go away

Celebrate The Best Way Possible

The best way to celebrate World Oral Health Day and get behind this year’s theme is to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Lewisburg. Regular checkups are one of the best ways we can work together to keep your mouth and body healthy. If you’re in need of a dentist, there’s never been a better time to call my dental office in Lewisburg. We’ll work with you to get you healthy, for life.

If you want to learn about World Oral Health Day and how you can help get the message out, head on over to the World Dental Federation website to find tons of great information.

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