April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

oral cancer awarenessWhenever we hear the word cancer, it’s always scary. For everyone at my Lewisburg dental office, we place emphasis on educating our patients on one type of cancer specifically. That type of cancer would be oral cancer.

When you think of oral cancer, you may automatically assume it’s due to tobacco use. While that’s absolutely a risk factor that goes hand in hand with oral cancer, there’re other potential causes.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

  • Alcohol and tobacco use
  • Age
  • Lots of exposure to UV light
  • HPV
  • Poor nutrition

Obviously, the best way to totally avoid tobacco and alcohol risk of oral cancer is to avoid using alcohol and tobacco. But age is a factor, too. Most cases of oral cancer occur in people above the age of 45. If you have a job you do outdoors and have not always been careful about using sunscreen on your lips and face, you, too, may be at a higher risk.

And maybe it’s not surprising to you that a wonderful way to stave off oral cancers is to make sure you’re getting adequate nutrition from fruits and vegetables. We recommend 5 servings of each a day!

Ask your general practitioner or family doctor about HPV risks and vaccines. HPV is present in 80% of adults in this country, so don’t be afraid because early detection is key.

A lot of oral cancer cases go unnoticed, so if you experience any of the following, give us a call at our Lewisburg Dental Office immediately.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Sore throat that won’t go away
  • Hoarse voice
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Lump in the neck
  • Mouth sores that won’t heal

Prevention is key to ensuring a healthy, cancer-free mouth. That’s why we place so much importance on maintaining regular visits to my dental office in Lewisburg. Not only does routine care ensure your teeth are strong and your mouth is healthy, it also allows us to catch any potential signs of oral cancer early, increasing the chance for a successful treatment.

Been awhile since you’ve seen a dentist? Give us a call today!

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Fact or Fiction: Cavity Edition

cavity myths

Cavities are one of the most common dental concerns we hear about at my dental office in Lewisburg. While worries about cavities are valid since they can lead to pain, sensitivity, and more serious oral health conditions, there are many beliefs behind cavities that just aren’t true.


Fact or Fiction: Sugar is the main cause of cavities.

Fiction. But almost fact. Bacteria are the main cause behind cavities. Bacteria produces acid, acid destroys teeth, and cavities are formed. But where does the bacteria come from? Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates found in bread, rice, potatoes, and yes, sugar, are the main triggers behind bacteria production.


Fact or Fiction: Kids are more likely to get cavities than adults.

Fiction. Developments in dental technology and prevention has led to a decrease in tooth decay in children by half in the last 20 years. This means that children are actually at lower risk for cavities than their grandparents. Senior citizens are at the highest risk for cavities because a lot of medications lead to dry mouth, lack of saliva production, and in turn, tooth decay and cavities.


Fact or Fiction: Acidic foods cause tooth decay.

Fact. Foods that are high in acid like lemons, citrus fruits, and soda really increase the chance for decay. The acid actually eats away at the protective enamel, putting your teeth at greater risk for cavities.


Fact or Fiction: Gaps in teeth increase the likelihood of cavities.

Fact. Gaps provide a great place for bacteria to hide. They’re also hard to reach and properly clean, leaving you more susceptible to cavities. However, larger gaps are much easier to clean than small gaps and aren’t as worrisome.


A few longstanding facts to protect your smile against cavities? Maintain regularly scheduled appointments at my Lewisburg dental office, proper at-home oral care, and drink plenty of water. Don’t let cavities affect your grin. Call us today!


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