Make the Most of Those Mistletoe Moments: Kissable, Clean, Fresh Breath

Whether it’s under the mistletoe, or greeting loved ones, what’s the first thing we do at the holidays? Hug and kiss them of course!

You want to be sure your breath is as clean and fresh as possible, not just at the holidays, but also year round. But what if it isn’t? Are people avoiding your kisses? If it seems chronic, it could be a symptom of something more serious, such as a periodontal disease. You’ve probably heard of gingivitis or periodontitis. But do you know what they are? If you recognize any of the following symptoms, please call us as soon as possible for an exam. We have advanced and gentle treatments for periodontal (gum) disease in Lewisburg.

Most periodontal diseases start out as gingivitis, an inflammation of your gums that, left untreated, can progress to periodontitis, where the inflammation has spread to the tissues and bones that are the underlying support for your teeth. The cause of most periodontal disease is bacterial plaque on your teeth. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal disease can also be a contributing factor to more serious health conditions, such as diabetes. This link has been demonstrated in recent scientific studies at the University of Pennsylvania. If you are diabetic, please tell Dr. Larry Winans and your hygienist so they can treat you accordingly.

When caught early, the solutions for periodontal disease can be as simple as more regular brushing and flossing. At our office in Lewisburg, we use some of the newest technologies to treat periodontal disease. Therapies such as ultrasonic scalers or high-tech soft tissue lasers are much more advanced and gentle than ever before. Periodontal disease is treatable, and the earlier you come see us, the better.

Call us at our Lewisburg dental office at 866.803.1468 if you’re experiencing any redness, bleeding, or soreness of your gums. After all, we like to hug and kiss our loved ones all year long, not just at the holidays.

Keeping your Lewisburg holiday smile bright and white with Dr. Larry Winans

The holidays are especially beautiful in our part of Pennsylvania. Colored lights and decorations delight our eyes, especially if we get some snow! But stains from all those colorful holiday goodies don’t look so pretty on white teeth!

It’s not just at holiday time that we need to watch out for foods that cause dental staining. Many of the foods and beverages we enjoy every day are key culprits.

  • Coffee and tea are well known for their potential to stain teeth. Try taking a sip of water every now and then to rinse your mouth.
  • Artificially colored gum and candy, nuts: Those extra nibbles of candy—even chocolate, by itself or in cookies—can leave their mark on your smile. Add some crunchy foods like carrots, celery, and apples to help cleanse your teeth naturally.
  • Tomato sauce and ketchup: The acidity, as well as the color in tomato sauce and ketchup can leave stains your teeth.

Hopefully none of my patients use tobacco, but if you do, remember that cigarettes, cigars, and all types of tobacco can give you a yellow and dingy smile, and even leave ugly brown stains on your teeth.

It’s easy to skip your dental routines in Lewisburg at the holidays. Our schedules are different and we might stay out later than usual. Take the time to floss and brush, no matter how late it is. Waiting until morning gives stains and food particles time to work on damaging your smile.

Call our dental office in Lewisburg at 866.803.1468 during or after the holidays for a regular checkup, or treat yourself to a Zoom!2 tooth whitening treatment to remove any stains from holiday foods. What a great way to get a fresh start for the new year!