Healthy Teeth – Healthy Smile – Healthy Life Lewisburg Cleanings and Hygiene from Dr. Larry Winans

Preserving tooth health has been a human concern for all of recorded history. Sticks and other similar tools used as tooth cleaning devices have been found in archeological digs and the first recorded – and effective – toothpaste was created by the Egyptians of salt, mint and iris flowers. These days we rely on Fluoridated toothpaste and our professional dental cleanings to keep teeth clean, bright and healthy. Regular cleanings by your Lewisburg PA dentist are crucial for maintaining good health, but between these visits, proper and regular brushing clears away bacteria, tartar and keeps your teeth bright and fresh. As an added bonus, the mintiness of toothpaste will freshen your breath while the slight abrasive quality will help clear away stains. One detail that many people aren’t aware of is that brushing immediately after certain foods or drinks can actually be harmful. That’s right! Everyone thinks that brushing immediately after meals is the best plan, but if you have consumed high-acid food or drinks, like wine, coffee, citrus fruits, and soft drinks, it is much better to rinse with water to neutralize the acids, and then wait an hour before actually brushing. If you are due for your regular, professional hygiene visit, or if you have any questions about your brushing or flossing technique, call me, Lawrence J. Winans, in Lewisburg, PA at 570-524-4454.

Bringing Smiles to Lewisburg and the Susquehanna Valley With Beautiful Porcelain Veneers

So many things affect the appearance of our teeth. While time is one of the primary factors in the aesthetic deterioration of a smile, even young people, whose smiles should be fresh and beautiful, have terrible cosmetic and structural issues with their teeth. We have had people come to us with teeth that were too small for their faces, gapped, crooked or so damaged from drinking sodas that they felt self-conscious all the time and covered their mouths when they talked or laughed. These damaged smiles can be benefited in ways that can seem almost miraculous – in just a few visits. How? Porcelain dental veneers! The porcelain veneers offered here in my Lewisburg dental office are so strong and beautiful that they are an ideal solution for anyone, of any age, needing to have teeth corrected. And there are so many benefits – having a beautiful smile increases your chances for success both socially and in the job market. Now is the time you need to look and feel your best! For more information about what dental veneers

can do for your smile, call 570-524-4454.