I am so proud of my team. I honestly believe that you won’t find smarter, more charming, or more passionate dental people anywhere. And I should know. I have met a lot of them. Sure those other teams are nice, but mine is world-class.  And skilled.  And lots of fun!

Marita, Patient Coordinator

Marita, Patient Coordinator

A Winfield resident, married to Ray, and has a daughter Meghan.  Earned her Dental Assisting degree in 1980 from Sun Area Technical School.  Began working for Dr. Winans in 1999! “Wow, that makes both of us quite seasoned,” says Dr. Winans!  She has completed numerous advanced training courses such as Advanced Team Concepts and Advanced Anterior Aesthetics.

She loves cooking for her large extended family, attending her three grandsons football games and wrestling matches.  She is also busy taking care of her Golden retrievers Moses, Tucker, Trooper and Scout.  Yep, you read that correctly–FOUR DOGS!!

While not full time in the office, you will see Marita and her boundless energy in the office whenever we can pull her away from all that she does!

Mistie, Treatment Coordinator

Mistie, Treatment Coordinator

A Selinsgrove native, Mistie earned her Dental Assisting Degree from Sun Area Technical School and joined me in 1998. Yes, we have been working together for over 18 years. She tells me how lucky I am on a daily basis. Her friendly, caring and empathetic nature instantly bonds her with even our most anxious patients. In addition to assisting me with all dental procedures, she manages the patient experience for a comfortable and seamless visit. Ok, seriously, I am lucky to have her as she does such an awesome job doing so many things for our patients.

Mistie is also a passionate football fan and roots for the Steelers.

Laura, Registered Dental Hygienist

Laura, Registered Dental Hygienist

A Chicago native, Laura now lives in Lewisburg. She earned her Dental Hygiene degree from Northwestern University in 1984 – a loooong time ago. Earlier in her career, she lived and worked establishing dental hygiene clinics in Sardinia, Italy and has served as an adjunct faculty member in the Pennsylvania College of Technology Dental Hygiene Program. She has an extensive background in periodontology and is also licensed in local anesthesia.

Laura brings an infusion of positive energy to the practice and provides a highly personal touch with our patients.  And is one of the nicest and kindest people I know.  She makes me a better dentist and I know that she does an amazing job for our patients.

Tasha, Treatment Coordinator

Tasha, Treatment Coordinator

Tasha is a fun-loving, low-key Treatment Coordinator who likes to laugh and focus on other people.   She is the perfect addition for us because she enjoys the care that we give and helping people to feel good about themselves.  Her goal is to have every patient leave the office happy!

Tasha is an animal lover, only having a small (yeah right!) great dane named Atley.  Tasha is a fitness enthusiast, even going to the same gym as Linda and Mistie, and she enjoys being outdoors.  Even though her background in dentistry is oral surgery, she brings a high level of knowledge and skill to the care that we offer.  She is a terrific addition to the practice. I am so glad we have her helping us with the treatment and experience that we provide.


Michelle, Patient Coordinator

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